May 26, 2019

What to Do When Fathers Cannot Make Child Support Payments

When Michigan fathers get a divorce, they may often find themselves paying child support. Some men, though, may be unable to make child support payments. In this situation, they may wonder what they should do.

If fathers are experiencing financial difficulties, it is a good idea for them to reach out for help. Very Well Family says that sometimes a court may allow a modification in child support if a man has changed circumstances. This change in circumstances may be unexpected medical expenses or a change in income. It can also include the rising cost of parenting as children get older. Additionally, a court may allow a child support modification if a man becomes unemployed. To receive a modification, men usually have to reach out to the Michigan Child Support Enforcement Office and file a formal motion.

Some men may simply want to speak to their ex-spouse about paying a smaller amount each month. However, it is important for fathers to work with a court to modify a child support order. This is because an agreement between a man and his ex-spouse is not usually legally binding. A court may not recognize this oral agreement if parents come back to court over a child support dispute.

Additionally, it is a good idea for fathers to keep good financial records. According to, men should keep the receipts when they purchase food and clothing for their children, as well as all of the receipts related to medical expenses. They should also include their child support payments in their financial records. This allows men to demonstrate that they are providing for their child if they decide to go back to court to renegotiate their child support payment. Sometimes men may pay their child support late if they are experiencing financial difficulties. However, it is important for fathers to make these payments on time, even if they cannot pay the full amount. If a man wants to renegotiate child support, a court may be more likely to grant his request if it sees that a father consistently pays child support on time and is committed to supporting his children.