August 26, 2016

What you should know about modifying a divorce settlement

Before a divorce can be finalized in the state of Michigan, the couple or a court-appointed judge must create the divorce settlement. While the terms of the settlement may be applicable to you and your spouse’s lives at the time the divorce is finalized, things change. At the Law Offices of Lisa Stern, we know that there may come a time when the details of the settlement no longer apply to you and/or your former spouse. In this case, a post-divorce modification may be necessary.

There are several life occurrences that can call for a modification in a divorce settlement. Whether your spouse becomes incarcerated or someone loses their job, it can affect the terms that are described in the final paperwork. One spouse may get transferred across seas, have their work hours changed or get remarried.

Whatever the case may be, the judge may need to modify the divorce settlement so that it reflects these changes in life. Depending on the circumstances, the following may need to be revised or addressed:

  •  The amount of child support or alimony paid to the custodial parent.
  •  The amount of time the child spends with each parent.
  •  The visitation schedule stating where and when the child stays with each parent.

In addition, parents may need to update details regarding which parent is responsible for covering the child’s medical insurance or how parents should handle traveling between homes.

To find out more about what you should do if there is a change in life circumstances, please visit our page on divorce settlement modification.