April 6, 2012

When an estranged spouse is a vengeful parent

There is no doubt that some divorces can turn bitter. When children are involved, there are cases when a vengeful parent takes his or her anger at the divorce out on the other parent. A woman is accusing her professional basketball player husband of being a bad father to their children, but it leads some to wonder if she is acting purely out of selfishness as they move toward divorce.

The husband, former Michigan State University basketball player Charlie Bell, filed for divorce in a Michigan court back in March of this year. The woman, who stars in a reality television show called “Basketball Wives”, claims that Bell is spending a large amount of money overseas while she apparently struggles at home to support their kids.

Bell has poked holes in her argument by highlighting the large amount of money she has blown living a lavished lifestyle. Bell said that the woman spent $9,000 on luggage and $110,000 for plastic surgery. Additionally, before the basketball player left for Europe, he left his soon-to-be ex-wife with $200,000. This does not exactly paint a picture of a woman struggling to get by with just a little bit of money.

The woman may have her own parenting abilities to focus on. She was once charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after she stabbed her husband right in front of their kids.

Some parents can become angry and vengeful during a divorce. They may try to seek revenge through the divorce process by making false or exaggerated claims about their spouse. Fathers need to understand their rights when it comes to issues like child custody and child support payments. A person who is up against an angry or vengeful spouse in court may want to seek the help of an experienced attorney who may be able to protect a parent against baseless accusations.

Source: Vibe, “‘Basketball Wives’ Star Kenya Bell Accused of Blowing $100K on Plastic Surgery,” April 2, 2012