June 6, 2017

Why children need child support

after you have filed for divorce in Michigan, both parties remain financially responsible for the children involved in the separation. One of the biggest mistakes parents make when filing for divorce is failing to pay the court-mandated child support on a regular basis. In Michigan, child support is calculated based on the income shares model, which uses the income of both parents to determine the amount of child support owed. This model is based on the concept that children should have access to the same amount of financial support that they would have had if their parents had remained together. Child support is essential in maintaining the quality of life and wellbeing of the child.

When children move with the custodial parent, they often experience a drastic change in their lifestyle. In some cases, children may be moving from a two-income household to a one-income household. It may be difficult for the custodial parent to make ends meet on their own. Child support is designed to help bridge the financial gap that children may experience while they are going through this change. In addition to maintaining a good quality of life, child support is designed to help with the child’s education, medical expenses, insurance, child care and extracurricular activities. These funds are often added on to the base amount of child support in order to meet the unique needs of the child. Parents should never withhold child support payments out of spite for the other spouse, as it only ends up hurting the child.

This information should be used for educational purposes and not be taken as legal advice.