May 18, 2019

Working Together to Fix Divorce Mistakes

Emotions often play a large part in the initial formation of divorce agreements. Sometimes, the parties involved in these negotiations and court proceedings seem to be unable to abandon an adversarial stance. At the Law Offices of Lisa Stern, we understand that it sometimes takes some time after the divorce is finalized for people to realize that some of the terms they fought for were not actually in the best interest of their families.

Fortunately, Michigan courts allow a certain level of modification for various aspects of divorces. Please read on to find a brief discussion of how you and your ex could come together for the best interests of your children or to minimize further court costs.

One situation that may warrant a modified judgment of your divorce in Michigan would be something called a material change in circumstances. This would often have to do with your child support or spousal support agreements. Even without a court order, you could agree to reduce your ex’s child support obligation in certain circumstances, such as if he or she suffered a major injury. However, some restrictions may apply to this, based on the nature of your initial support agreement.

Property division is another section of your divorce the courts might be able to modify. If, for example, you discovered that certain assets had a different value than you initially thought during the discovery process, you may be able to reopen your judgment. You would probably do so on the grounds that you made a mutual mistake. This could secure a more equitable division order and potentially avoid accusations of fraud.

There is no doubt that the stress and emotional toll involved in the divorce process could conceivably cause some people to act irrationally. However, you could potentially lessen the consequences of these emotional missteps by negotiating the necessary changes in a proactive manner. Please continue to read more on our main site.