July 31, 2017

Working with an ex to parent together

Michigan parents who get divorced while their children are still young and at home must add co-parenting to the list of the many new things they have to figure out. While certainly people may agree on the importance of putting kids first, it is reasonable to think that working with a former spouse may not always be easy. There was a reason that a couple could not stay married so that reason may well contribute to co-parenting challenges.

Co-parently, a developer of tools to help divorced parents work together, suggests that adopting a work-like mindset may be helpful. Approaching conversations as one would with a co-worker might help to keep emotions at bay and prevent open conflict. When challenges or conflict do arise, it is important to keep those away from the kids’ eyes and ears.

To that end, anything that parents can do to mask what their true feelings for the other parent are is importan according to U.S. News and World Report. This may be achieved by making a point to say nice things about the other parent to the children. Parents may also take advantage of the opportunity to respond positively as their children recount some of the things they have done with the other parent. This shows their support of the relationship which is good for the kids.

Another thing that can facilitate better co-parenting is to keep essential communication between the adults rather than using the children to act as messengers for the adults. This avoids putting kids in the middle unnecessarily.