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Can I get sole child custody in Michigan?

When a Michigan couple decides their only option is to get a divorce it has often been quite a process to get to this stage. A divorce is not an easy decision and can affect every aspect of a person’s life. There are many issues that a couple needs to work through in...

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Are all assets accounted for in your divorce?

Divorce is often filled with drama, which can make the painful emotions of the breakup even more difficult to bear. One aspect of divorce that is especially contentious for Michigan couples is property distribution. When spouses look at their assets, they may have...

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The family home during the divorce

The family home is a hot topic during a divorce. It is often the most expensive asset a couple owns, and one with a lot of emotional significance. This is why we have posted about what happens to the family home after a divorce. Though, the natural question that pops...

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When a prenup may be needed

It may not be the most romantic subject to discuss during your engagement, but a prenuptial agreement can be a helpful financial planning tool for your marriage and help reduce time, conflict, and cost if you ever divorce. These contracts may be helpful for most...

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What happens to the family home in divorce?

What happens to the family home in divorce? This is a question many divorcing couples likely ask themselves. Understanding the various options for dividing a family home during divorce can help divorcing couples navigate the oftentimes emotional process of splitting...

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