Getting Through Divorce Successfully

Divorce proceedings can be incredibly draining – both financially and emotionally. Considering the complex human dynamics involved, it can be difficult to make rational and objective decisions when you’re in the midst of such a tumultuous transition. Even worse, a needlessly prolonged divorce can leave your children with lasting emotional scars.

So how do you make the process as stress-free and efficient as possible without jeopardizing what matters most to you? How do you protect your children while ensuring that you’re treated fairly? How do you get a fair share of the property and finances without devolving into a petty battle over every last penny?

The answer is to have an experienced attorney at your side at all times.

Let Us Shoulder The Legal Burdens So You Can Focus On Your Future

Lawyer Lisa D. Stern understands the difficult nature of divorce and the highly nuanced factors that go into it. The last thing you need is to struggle with legal complexities – complexities that, if mishandled, could lead to significant headaches down the road. We’ll shoulder the legal matters while giving you the room you need to address your family’s emotional concerns.

With our extensive negotiation skills, we are able to offer guidance throughout the mediation process should you wish to come to an amicable agreement with your former spouse. Of course, should an agreement be impossible, we are also well-practiced in the courtroom and can provide the assistance you need to prove your case before a family law judge.

Our goal is to provide the advice you need to make informed decisions. We will strive to help you understand how the various approaches to divorce and custody disputes will affect your family in the long term, allowing you to consider the future as well as your present situation.

Addressing All The Details Of Your Divorce

Attorney Lisa Stern has extensive experience in all areas related to Michigan divorce and family law, including:

If your situation – or that of your former spouse – changes after a divorce, we can also help you seek a modification to the support or custody order.

Helping You Inside The Courtroom And At Home

Divorce becomes even more difficult when you have minor children. Perhaps you’re still living in the same home as your spouse, which can be confusing to the children. You may be struggling with how best to prepare them for the changes ahead.

Our legal team is sensitive to these concerns. In many cases, we work with trusted psychologists, therapists and other professionals to help smooth out the transition for families and children. We’ll assist you in creating a new living arrangement and provide talking points to help you through tough conversations with your children.

Focused On Your Children’s Best Interests

In Michigan, the court examines numerous factors when determining who is awarded primary physical custody and how legal custody of a child will be divided. When you come to our firm for your divorce concerns, we will discuss the factors the court will examine regarding custody arrangements, including:

  • The emotional ties between parent and child
  • The financial means and emotional ability to raise the child
  • Existing home and school environments, as well as proposed living arrangements
  • Mental and physical health of all involved
  • The child’s preference, depending on his or her age
  • Ability of both parents to continue to work amicably in raising the children

We know that the stakes are high when children are involved, so we dedicate ourselves to providing the responsive representation you deserve.

Get In Touch With A Lawyer Who’s Committed To Your Future

We believe you deserve fair and honest advice that addresses all of your concerns. Throughout our relationship with you, we will work to ensure that your best interests and the best interests of your children are met at every turn, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your family’s future is in good hands.

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