Michigan Parental Rights Attorney

If you are a divorcing couple whose custody issues are delaying the legal process, an unmarried father or mother who is concerned about your rights, you have legitimate interests that must be protected.

You can count on attorney Lisa D. Stern in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, for experienced, effective family law representation that addresses every
concern you may have about your relationship with your children. She places special focus on family issues such as:

Child Custody

Your children are the most important part of your life. When it comes to child custody, the outcome will affect their lives…

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If you have significant marital assets, you probably feel concerned about what will happen to them in your pending divorce…

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Second Parent Adoption

People are occasionally required to change residences, in and out of state, for all kinds of reasons: remarriage, a business transfer…

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Collaborative Divorce

The landscape of divorce is forever changed due to the recent pandemic. Access to the courts is far more

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Spousal Support

Spousal support, also referred to as alimony, is a common issue in a divorce. Spousal support is not
based upon a formula…

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Child Support

It’s no secret: Few parents like to pay child support. Nonetheless, financial support of children is the responsibility of all parents…

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Lisa D. Stern brings 20-plus years of experience as a lawyer to your child custody, visitation, parenting and post-judgment modification objectives. You can benefit from her comprehensive command of children’s issues and one-on-one attention to your family’s unique issues.

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