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What happens when Michigan parents want to relocate?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | parental relocation

There are situations when Michigan parents need to move. Whether it be for a new job opportunity, a relationship, or just to experience a new town, moving may be a complicated endeavor for those who have a child custody arrangement. There are many things that are considered when a Michigan parent wants to relocate.

If you’re coparenting after a divorce you probably don’t get to make all the decisions as to where you’re going to live. There are restrictions as to how far away a parent gets to move with a child. It doesn’t mean that a person can’t move but it can depend on the custody arrangement and how far a person wants to move.

A parent can generally move within 100 miles

In Michigan, a parent is generally able to move within 100 miles from where you lived when the original court order was created. The 100 miles needs to be in road travel.  But if the distance makes the transitions difficult for both parents it can cause a change in custody orders to accommodate the additional time needed to travel between the two residences.

If a parent wants to move more than 100 miles away

A more than 100 mile move requires the consent of the other parent or a court approval. The two exceptions to this are if the parents lived more than 100 miles apart when custody proceedings began or if a person is under threat of domestic violence.

Moving out of state

In order for one parent to move out of state they must have court permission. The court will likely give approval if the move is for a better job or to be closer to family. But a court doesn’t usually favor a move if it results in the other parent receiving less visitation time.

Consult with an attorney

A person who is considering a move may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in family law. An attorney can help their client understand their options and help them obtain the permission they need.

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