Develop A Parenting Time Schedule

If you are divorcing in Michigan and seeking the smoothest transition for your child to a parenting plan that works, you should contact lawyer Lisa Stern in Bloomfield Hills.

Lisa Stern has guided individuals and families to sound decisions in custody matters since 1995. She can help you successfully manage your time and resources, and contribute positively to your child’s development.

A formula for child support exists in Michigan, but it is not solely income-based. Support can also be determined by the amount of parenting time that a parent has with a child.

We encourage you to discuss a parenting time schedule that is appropriate for your family. Lisa D. Stern will attend to every legal document and detail, to ensure a role for you and your former spouse in your child’s life.

Lisa D. Stern Can Help You Develop A Parenting Time Schedule In Michigan

Components of an effective parenting time schedule include availability for:

  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Long weekends
  • Summer camp
  • Overnights

We share the state’s belief in “the best interests of the child.” We use the information you give us, our own creativity and family law knowledge to recommend what’s best for your Michigan family, as you move to a life after divorce.

Contact Lisa Stern to arrange a consultation. You can discuss every aspect of custody, visitation and parenting time with utmost candor and confidentiality.

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