Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Children In Custody Cases

By law, Michigan is a “best interests of the child” state. This concept figures prominently in family law matters regarding custody, visitation, parenting time and child support.

In theory and in practice, lawyer Lisa Stern in Bloomfield Hills pays close attention to the best interests of your child. This goal has helped our attorney keep fractured families united around what’s best for the children of divorce. It applies to our commitment to unmarried couples with children, too.

A child can be affected by a custody order, support modification, grandparent visitation or violation of an order. Children look to us, as parents and stepparents, for leadership and trust. Regardless of the short-range or long-term legal need directly affecting your child, Lisa D. Stern can help. She has been there for families of all kinds, families like yours, for 20-plus years.

The best interests of your child include the right custody and parenting time arrangements that work for your family’s unique situation. Speak with Lisa Stern today to find out more about how we can help.

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Lisa Stern — Effective Assistance For Determining Child Custody In Michigan Since 1995

Factors recognized by our state’s courts in defining “the best interests of the child” include:

  • Love, affection and other emotional ties
  • Guidance in education and religion, if any
  • Providing necessities of life
  • A stable environment
  • Permanence of the family unit
  • Moral fitness, and physical and mental health of the parents
  • Home, school and community record of the child
  • Reasonable preference of the child
  • Close and continuing parent-child relationship
  • Domestic violence directed against or witnessed by the child
  • Any other factor considered relevant to a child custody dispute

Together, we can formulate custody and visitation strategies that work in the best interests of your child. We have the experience, client commitment and reputation for results that can make a positive difference in your life.

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For a confidential initial consultation with Michigan sole child custody lawyer Lisa D. Stern, call 248-335-5000 or complete our online contact form. You can discuss every aspect of sole child custody with utmost candor and confidentiality.

Contact Attorney Lisa D. Stern

For an initial consultation with attorney Lisa D. Stern, call 248-335-5000 or complete our online contact form. You can discuss every aspect of child support with the utmost candor and confidentiality.