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Understanding Sole Custody In Michigan

It’s not unusual for a parent to come to our law office in the beginning of a divorce case and tell us they want sole custody of their children. While there are times when sole custody is in the best interests of children, these times are rare. Most times, if your child has two good parents (or two “good enough” parents), both parents are likely to have a joint custody parenting plan.

Bloomfield Hills attorney Lisa D. Stern has guided families to sound decisions in custody matters since 1995. Ms. Stern can help you craft a child custody plan that will meet your family’s needs. No matter what you desire for a custody outcome, Ms. Stern will be your advocate in the courtroom.

When Is Sole Custody In The Best Interests Of Children?

In Michigan, courts base child custody decisions on the best interests of children, rather than what you might want as a parent. Unless there are serious issues with a parent, the courts believe it is the best interests for children to spend time with both parents. Below are some examples of reasons for sole physical custody and limitations on parenting time:

  • A parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • There is a history of domestic violence in front of (or involving) the child.
  • There is a history of parental abuse of a child.
  • A parent is absent.
  • A parent neglects or endangers a child.

Lisa D. Stern has guided parents to sound decisions in custody matters since 1995. She can help you determine if you have a good case for obtaining sold custody, or whether joint custody is a more realistic goal given the facts of your case. As your lawyer, Ms. Stern will use the information you provide, her own creativity and knowledge of Michigan family law to recommend a child custody approach that is best for your family.

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