Working Through Custody Issues For Unmarried Couples

There are more unmarried parents in the U.S. than ever before. Sadly, some states lack laws that properly address the many legal repercussions that can impact unmarried couples with children.

Attorney Lisa Stern works hard to clear up the confusion you may be feeling about your legal rights. She has counseled clients from all walks of life during her 20-plus years of service and can adapt her legal leadership to fit your unique, specific situation.

The American family is changing in many ways. When lawmakers fail to recognize those changes, families of all kinds can suffer. Come to Lisa D. Stern for the sound advice and peace of mind you need.

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Designing Custody Agreements For Unmarried Couples In Michigan Since 1995

Laws affecting unmarried parents can be complex. Experienced family law attorney Lisa D. Stern can explain the legal rights, options and strategies for unmarried couples concerned with:

  • Custody orders to secure legal rights with and for children
  • Paternity and DNA testing
  • Legal ramifications of a couple’s separation
  • Abilities of an unmarried couple to adopt a child
  • Government benefits for a child of unmarried parents
  • What happens when a parent partners with someone who is not the child’s parent
  • Representation of the child on one or both unmarried parents’ tax returns

You deserve to know the facts about your legal role in a child’s life if you are an unmarried co-parent in metro Detroit or anywhere else in Michigan. As your lawyer, Lisa D. Stern keeps lines of communication open throughout the research she does for you and the practical solutions she formulates.

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