Standing Up For Mothers’ Rights In Custody Cases

The exercise of a mother’s legal parental rights is critical to the healthy development and future of a child. Fulfillment of custody and parenting time obligations for all divorced parents are necessary to maintain prominent roles for mothers and fathers in a child’s life.

The bond between mother and child is special. If you are a Michigan mother who feels your rights have been violated, you have a friend and advocate in attorney Lisa Stern.

Lisa D. Stern has counseled married, unmarried and divorced mothers in metro Detroit and across Michigan for 20-plus years. She uses her legal knowledge, negotiation skills and litigation talents to ensure that your rights are protected.

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Don’t allow your child’s father to play fast and loose with the facts of your settlement agreement. If your custody and support rights are being undermined, or if your child has been taken away from you by an unlawful parental relocation, contact us.

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